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    Tofu Steak
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    2 pieces of DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡±, ½ carrot (sliced), 3 tbsp of oil, soy sauce and sugar, some butter, sweet potato flour, paprika and parsley 


    1.Use clean cloth to dry DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡±, and then dip with sweet potato flour.
    2.Heat oil in frying pan, fry DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡± until golden, then sprinkle on sugar, add soy sauce and simmer until  fairly dry.
    3.Take out of pan, sprinkle some paprika.
    4.Cook carrot until soft and fry with butter. Service along side DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡± and decorate with parsley, ENJOY!

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