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    [How to cook] Gluten Roll BBQ AddTime£º20-03-06
    [DSI News] The new wedsite of DSI is now being test on line AddTime£º16-04-25
    Info£ºThe new website will be pulled out as soon as the test is finish.
    [How to cook] Tofu Steak AddTime£º16-04-25
    Info£º 2 pieces of DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡±,carrot (sliced), 3 tbsp of oil, soy sauce and sugar, some butter,
    [How to cook] Salt & Pepper Tofu AddTime£º16-04-25
    Info£º 1/3 package of DSI ¡°EXTRA FIRM TOFU¡±, a proper amount of chilies (chopped) and oil, some salt, 3 tb
    [How to cook] Tofu Soup AddTime£º16-04-25
    Info£º 1 package of DSI¡±TOFU¡±, 1 egg, 4 slices of chinese leaves, 1 tree mushroom (shredded), 100 g of eno
    [How to cook] Sesame Paste Tofu AddTime£º16-04-25
    Info£º1/2 package of DSI¡±TOFU¡±, 1 coriander Seasonings: 2 tbsp of sesame paste, 1 tbsp of thick soy sauce,
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